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ALIVE! is out everywhere today! This album captures a moment in time I long for, I hope it does the same for you. Get//Stream the live album by clicking below. Special Edition CD's are exclusively available on Bandcamp, along with various t-shirt, vinyl, & cd bundles! Please join me for the live stream album release show, this Sunday, on The March Divide Facebook Page, at 4pm CST!

"The live album we didn’t know we all needed so badly right now" - Nanobot Rock

"Bright tones and authentic delivery" - Americana Highways

ALIVE! was primarily recorded at Vega Studios in Athens, GA, in January of this year, & at a Sofar Sounds show in Detroit, MI, in April of last year. I spent a lot of time on the mix to make it sound like one show, to hopefully come as close as possible to giving people the experience of being at one of my shows. I'm excited to roll this out, & I hope you dig it! Like all my shows, bad words & mediocre jokes included.


"I Don't Wanna Die Young" is out now! Click the cover below, to find it at your favorite spot!

I'm not typically one to write songs about current events. I often find myself writing songs to get my mind off such things. But this song was definitely inspired by being in isolation. It's about how careless we all can be, day to day, with our own well being. That overwhelming confidence we all have that we're going to have a tomorrow, & the stupid things we do to jeopardize it.

This is the 100th song I've released as The March Divide! That's a goal I've been eager to reach for a while... Hope you dig it!🍻


Another new single, "Kris Takes Her Time" out now! It's not uncommon for me to get stuck in a sound. I'll often write several songs that have the same feel, until I finally get it right. I feel like I really got it right with this one. Hope you dig it! Click the cover below to check it out on whatever platform you prefer!


"Numb" the latest track in my "2020 Singles" series (not a permanent name) is out today! Click the cover below to check it out on whatever platform you prefer!