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The March Divide

Jared Putnam of The March Divide has been releasing two and three-song singles throughout 2019 as real-time follow-ups to his most recent full-length album, Anticipation Pops, released in the summer of 2018. “Distractions, Vol. 5”, the last of the series,  was released on December 13th, preceded by the song “Crowded Room” on November 22nd. A lyric video for the song “It’s Not Over” & "Secrets" are streaming now.

“Something I started as an outlet to release songs I was working on between releases has slowly evolved into more of a personal song writing challenge,” Putnam explains. “I knew that I wanted to push myself to finish the series before the year was over, so I really dove into a lot of new releases from 2019 that I’ve found inspiring.”

Putnam lists Pete Yorn’s collaboration with Jackson Phillips of Day Wave as a stand-out.

“He brought a whole new vision to what he was already doing, flawlessly, in my opinion. I also found myself obsessed with the new Julia Jacklin album Crushing and American Football’s LP3, which made me wanna get that Fender sound back into my songs.”

Putnam was also inspired to collaborate in more of a band setting than he has in quite some time.

“I tapped my friend Bobby Rivas, a crazy-talented writer and player, to help me with the overall direction of the songs. He also helped bring a focus to the production that I often can’t find on my own. I also had my friends Ernie Garcia on bass and Jason West on drums.”

One of the resulting songs, “Crowded Room,” is one of the catchiest The March Divide songs to date, and its in-your-face, youthful quality really does call back to Putnam’s younger years spent recording and touring with his then-band, The Conversation.

 “‘Crowded Room’ really comes from a strange place.” he says. “I recently had a friend send me a text about a song called ‘Starting To Rain,’ off of my old band, The Conversation’s first album. It really got me thinking about the lyrics from that album, and the context of where they were coming from. ‘Starting To Rain’ was a rebellious song I wrote in my 20’s about being in a constant state of drug induced indifference, and the lack of accomplishment that often accompanies such a state.”

Distractions, Vol. 5” is just the latest representation of Putnam’s evolved state of mind and work ethic since that time. A mere three-song collection in a catalog comprised of dozens of songs that Putnam has recorded and released in only the last five years.

The new three-song single “Distractions, Vol. 5” by The March Divide is out December 13th. The first four releases in the series are out now, along with Anticipation Pops, the fourth full-length album by The March Divide. All are available via Slow Start Records.

Look for Jared Putnam out on the road throughout 2020.