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The March Divide

“There‟s no better time than a global pandemic to start work on whatever you‟ve been putting off.”

Jared Putnam of The March Divide has never been known for putting anything off when it comes to releasing music.

After the release of his most recent full-length Anticipation Pops two summers ago, Putnam followed up with five volumes in his “Distractions” series, which he started “as an outlet to release songs I was working on between albums,” and later evolved into “more of a personal song writing challenge.”

The “distractions” became the focus as Putnam began to write, record, and release new singles every few weeks. All of this work was supplemented by a busy life on the road, mostly in and surrounding Putnam's home base of San Antonio (he has since relocated to the Dallas area.)

This is, of course, before the pandemic changed the game.

If it seems like revisiting show recordings and compiling them for a live album during this time would be a daunting task, Putnam affirms that it is.

“It's an incredibly depressing project, to mix a live record during the apocalypse,” he says. “I‟ve worked really hard to get to the place that I was making a comfortable living from touring, and it literally vanished overnight.”

Difficult words to hear from any musician, but especially from one like Putnam whose work ethic is so strong.

“I started working on the mix right after everything was shut down, but it got really hard for me to work on, knowing there was no foreseeable end date to venues being shut down, so no foreseeable start date to my next tour,” he explains.

As the reality sunk in, Putnam pushed forward, and completed the project. The first live album by The March Divide, appropriately titled ALIVE! was released August 28th, 2020, via Slow Start Records.

“The recording is primarily taken from a show I did in Athens, Georgia in January of 2020 at Vega Studios and a Sofar Sounds show I did in Detroit in April of 2019. It was easy to pick the songs, because that was pretty much the set I was playing during all my tours behind my last album.”

Summing up ALIVE!, Putnam says, “I really wanted to release something that felt as much like an actual show as possible.”

We're all hoping that The March Divide, and all touring musicians, can get back to playing actual shows very soon.