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"Distractions, Vol. 5" OUT NOW!! This is the very last of the series, & I really put a lot of effort into making this the very best of all the 'Distractions' releases. I hope you dig it! Check out the lyric video playlist, for the whole release, below! Get/Stream HERE! 


Distractions, Vol. 4 is out everywhere!! Called "Dizzyingly infectious" by The Southern Sounding, "Easily will stick in your head" says The Fire Note, please click the pic below, to check it out!



Super excited to announce that my new album, "Anticipation Pops" is OUT NOW, on Slow Start Records! Check out the animated trilogy of videos, made by Harold Loeffler-Bell, for the album, below! Get "Anticipation Pops" on Random Color Vinyl // Digipak CD // Digital or Stream the singles, so far - HERE! Thank You!