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I've got a Christmas song coming out today! Check it out HERE!


I'm thrilled to announce that my 5th album cinq is out now, on Slow Start Records! Available on Baby Blue & Pink Swirl 180g Vinyl, Digipak CD, or Digitally, and don't miss out on the sweet bundle deals! Go HERE to get//stream the album from your favorite spot!

"The songs on cinq see a wide variety of genres and influences come together in a beautiful array." ~ American Songwriter

"Putnam has really hit a homerun with cinq." ~ V13

"Relentlessly catchy" ~ Under The Radar

"This 'hodgepodge' is a boon for fans of Putnam’s songs that are personal, but always safe-effacing, and with sly humor underneath their rich production and get-to-the-point style." ~ New Noise Magazine