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Surprise!! "September Blues" is out today! It's a rockin' song, about a bad break up (but not cliche [I don't think so, anyway]). My good friend Ernie Garcia played the bass, & kinda stole the show with it. Short Eared Dog made the cover, which is really cool. Also, I used a weird tuning on my guitar, it made me feel innovative. End of description. Click the pic below, to check it out!


New song, "Lie to Me" out now! Check out the kind words by Nanobot Rock & watch the lyric video, below!

"'Lie to Me' puts us shotgun for the moments he (Jared Putnam) is out on the open road with only his thoughts and destination to guide him. Candid clips lay background to the narrative of fleeting hope. The starkly honest video captures a pace and reality we all too often forget comes with being a musician" ~ Nanobot Rock