Please, it's important that everyone try to remain calm. Tomorrow, I'm going to the studio, to start work on the 3rd TMD album!


New shirts are in!! &, in even bigger news, they're on line (along with the other shirts) to order, on Bandcamp! Take a stroll, do a little browsing, don't be shy!



I'm excited to share the premiere of the "Forward Thinking" lyric video, by the fine folks of Diffuser.fm! This video was made by my friend Ben Pien of Doubt Film, who always does a great job! Check it out, Hope you dig it, thanks!!


Welp, I made it home from tour, safe & sound! Thanks so much to anyone that set up a show, went to a show, let me sleep on their couch, bought stuff, or helped out in anyway possible! I had a great time, & hope to see all of you again, soon!

Here's me in Houston, pic courtesy of my new friends in El Lago, from Galveston, TX. Thx!



The new EP, +1 is out today!! Pick it up today, from any of these fine retailers: iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp!


The fine folks of Exclaim!, up in Canada were kind enough to premiere my song "Forward Thinking", today! Click their logo below, to check it out! "Forward Thinking" is on the new EP, +1, out everywhere tomorrow, February 10th! Hope you dig it!! Thx!


Ryan Traster unfortunately has had to cancel on the tour, for reasons out of his control. BUT, the show must go on! Check the SHOWS page for more details. Thanks!



The fine folks at Digital Tour Bus have premiered the first single off of +1 (Out 2/10!), "You Save Me", along with announcing my tour with Ryan Traster, kicking off February 11th! Click their clever logo below, to here, "You Save Me" & check out the dates. Thanks!


I'm excited to announce the release of a new EP, titled "+1"! While written & recorded at the same time as our new album Billions, the new EP is not at all a collection of B-sides. +1 features seven songs that carry a different feel than Billions, & stand well, all on their own! Pre-Order +1 NOW on Bandcamp!

Check out the rediculous infomercial/album preview I made below!


Check out the premiere in ARTISTdirect of our "Until I Explode" video! This is my favorite song on BILLIONS, so I'm excited to get it out for everyone to see & hear. This video is the prequel & sequel to our "I Told You So" video.. sort of an endless loop, if you can dig it. A huge thanks to Ben Pien of Doubt Films for making both videos!


Nanobot Rock has our new album Billions on their Top 10 of 2014 list!! So, if you were waiting to check it out until you knew for sure it doesn't suck...


Thanks so much to Nanobot Rock for premiering our new video for "Given Out"! With folks calling us, part of the emo revival, it only seemed right to pay an ode to the bitchin' bands I use to listen to, in those days. This video features drinks, old records, & Doug, my dog. My cat's in there too, but she's sort of a bitch.. It's complicated. Click the cool pic below, to check it out! Thanks!


Happy Black Friday! Here's a video I made for "November Suicides", it seemed like the right day to release this..


We're excited to share the video premiere in Performer Magazine of "I Told You So"! Click their logo below, to check it out! A BIG thanks to Ben Pien of Doubt Films, for making us another awesome video!


This is my favorite song from the new album. Happy Halloween!


Our new album BILLIONS is out Today! Check out the STORE for some hot spots to pic it up, or stream it on Spotify &/ Rdio!


Stereo Embers Magazine premiered our song "Given Out" from our new album BILLIONS today, as their song of the day! They also gave the album some of the nicest complements, ever! Check it out, & let us know what you think! BILLIONS is out everywhere next Tuesday, October 21st! Thanks!


Here's a NEW video, for a not so new song! Yep, I made this today, all by my self.. Fear not, we'll continue to have awesome, well produced videos, made by folks far more qualified than me, promise! But, over time, I hope to make a video for all the rest.. Hope you dig it! Thanks!


Our song "I Told You So" was the MP3 AT 3PM in MAGNET Magazine today! We've been very fortunate to get a lot of great press, & "I Told You So" has been a free download in several zines. Largehearted Boy & Insomnia Radio, just to name a few, & we can't thank them enough for having us. But, I've been reading MAGNET for what feels like my whole life, & I'm giddy that they've got our song up, as a FREE download!


With a whole lot of help from our friend Jesus, of The Division Men, we were able to make a video album trailer for Billions!


Pre-Order our new album Billions on CD or digital from our bandcamp page for only $5, & get an instant download of "I Told You So"!! CD's will include a FREE download card of our EP four!


We are super excited to share the premiere in The Big Takeover of the first single, "I Told You So" from our new album Billions!! We sure as shit, hope you dig it! Pre-Orders start tomorrow!! Thanks!


CD's for our new album Billions arrived today!! This high dollar model was hired purely for marketing purposes..Pretty hot, right?

Billions won't be out out until October 21st.. BUT Pre-Orders start this weekend, with an immediate song download!! But wait, there's more! If you pre-order Billions on cd, you'll not only get an immediate song download, but you'll also get a little something extra! AND, we're going to have the cd's available for the same price as digital!! SAME PRICE! Sometimes, we even amaze ourselves.. Stay Tuned! Thanks!



Our new album Billions will be out everywhere October 21st! Pre-Orders will be available September 21st! Keep checking back for updates, shit's 'bout ta get crazy!! Sign up for our email list, to get extras!!


Get our first album, "Music for Film" for FREE, on Amazon.com  for being a member of Prime! Not sure how long that's gonna last, so we thought it'd be nice to let 'cha know! Stay tunes, more news coming soon!


Tour's in full swing!! Thanks so much to everyone that's come out to the shows, so far! Another show in Houston has been added this month on 8/26 at Rudyard's, with Son Of Bitch & Generation:landslide! Here's a pic from the show with Samuel Barker at Bohemeo's in Houston 7/31. Thanks!


Here's what's up! Check our SHOWS page for more details!


Lot's of BIG stuff, coming up! August is going to be a busy month! Our tour of the South/East US kicks off July 31st, and we're happy to announce we'll be playing Viva Turlingua Fest(Aug 14-17)! Keep an eye on our SHOWS page for details! Thanks!!


We're totally done tracking our new album, stay tuned for details! It's off being mixed, & we hope to be able to announce a release date soon! We're also excited to announce a tour of the South Eastern United States this August! Keep checking our shows page, for updates! Thanks!!

Here's a pic of the Orange amp that's all over our new album..


Our new EP "four" is OUT Today! Featuring three new songs & a cover of The Cure classic, "Picture of You"!! "four" is an acoustic based release, very different than our other stuff, but still, very us. We sure hope you dig it! 

Check out our STORE for the best places to pick it up!


Hello World! We are super excited to share with all of you the Purevolume exclusive premiere of the brand spankin' new video for our brand spankin' new song, "Washed Out"!!  We sure hope you dig it, n' stuff! Please tell the world, in whatever way you can! Thanks! Click the pic or Purevolume link to check it out! "Washed Out" will be released on our new EP "four", OUT April 15th! Thanks!! 


Hello World!! Check out the premiere of our new song "Washed Out" in GroundSounds! "Washed Out" is the first single from our upcoming EP, 'four' OUT APRIL 15th!!

Don't want to wait until April 15th? I know, that sucks.. That's why we've made it available for pre-order on our Bandcamp Page, for only $3!! Get an instant download of "Washed Out" with your pre-order!! Thanks!!


Bands don't take pics like this, unless they've got some sort of announcement in the works!!.. Unless that band just naturally looks cool, all the time.. or, at least some of the time. BUT, YOU ALL KNOW, THAT'S NOT US. So, we must have something cool coming up! Stay tunes..

Photo by Greg Gabrisch


And the winner is.. Laura Cantrell from El Paso, TX!! Our van has taken the name 'Chuy' & Laura just won a bunch of stuff! Thanks so much to everyone that sent us van names! 


Look who just joined the band! What should we name her, or him? Send us your very best van name! If we pick yours, we'll send you a shirt and all our stuff on vinyl or cd(your choice)!! Send us your van names on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or just email us on our Contact Page! Go! 


Thanks so much to Take Off Your Sunglasses from across the pond, on 107.8 FM in Stockport, UK for naming our song 'So It Goes' # 30 in their Festive 50 best songs of 2013! Pretty damn cool..

If you still haven't heard the # 30 best song of 2013, here it is! Enjoy! Thanks! 




If you haven't heard, The March Divide has a BIG tour starting this Friday, November 1st! And, what better way than a NEW VIDEO to kick it all off? Below is a list of all the upcoming tour dates, along with all the dates we have confirmed for the rest of the year! Keep checking our SHOWS page for updates, we'll be adding more shows soon! After you scroll through all the tour dates, don't forget to check out our new image/music video for "Duplex" from our ep, "Music for Television" out now on Dead Letter Records! Enjoy! SEE YOU AT THE SHOWS!

11/1 Houston, TX - Acadia Bar & Grill

11/2 Mineral Wells, TX - Fuzzy's Taco Shop

11/4 Ft. Worth, TX - The Grotto

11/5 Tulsa, OK - The Hunt Club

11/6 Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews

11/7 Duluth, MN - Beaner's Central

11/8 Northfield, MN - The Contented Cow

11/9 Minneapolis, MN - Honey

11/10 Chicago, IL - Elbo Room

11/11 Chicago, IL - Fearless Radio in studio @ noon! Stream It HERE!

11/12 Memphis, TN - P&H Cafe

11/16 Austin, TX - Spinners Live

11/20 Bryan, TX - The Grand Stafford Theater

11/21 San Antonio, TX - The Mix

11/29 Fort Worth, TX - Shipping & Recieving

12/6 Monroe, LA - The Trial Bar



We've made the video for "Pick Me Up" public! We sent this previously unreleased video out to everyone on our email list a month ago, and now we're sharing it with everyone! The video is a bit random, but cool, none the less.. If you're jealous that the folks on the email list were able to see this before you, then join the damn email list!! We'll be sending more goodies like this to the folks on our email list soon! 


We're excited to share the LIVE solo/acoustic video premiere of "So It Goes" in City Of Punk! Check it out HERE! This is the last of the batch recorded by our friends at Doubt Films from a house show in Saint Paul, MN earlier this year! Enjoy! 


"Still Analog" was featured by AntiMusic in their 'Singled Out' column! Read a bit about the song, and check out the the LIVE solo/acoustic video HERE!


Bam! Here's another one! Check out the LIVE video premiere in ARTIST direct of "Flake" HERE! This solo acoustic performance was recorded while on tour by Doubt Films at a house show in Saint Paul, MN on May 25th, 2013.


Check out the LIVE video premiere in Pure Grain Audio of a new song "Forward Thinking" HERE! This solo acoustic performance was recorded while on tour by Doubt Films at a house show in Saint Paul, MN on May 25, 2013. 


Sign up for our email list to see unreleased "Pick Me Up" video!

To show how much we appreciate everyone on our email list, we're going to be sending all of them an exclusive link to view the unreleased video for our song "Pick Me Up"! Would you like for us to appreciate you as much as we appreciate everyone on the email list? Then sign up for our email list, already! Be quick about it, we'll be sending out the link September 1st! 



Okay Vinyl Junkies! Because tonight starts the first string of shows since "Music for Television" has been available on vinyl, we're having a SALE! At our shows tonight(San Antonio), tomorrow(Lafayette), & Saturday(Baton Rouge) you can get all of our releases on vinyl for $20! That's two 12"s & one 7" for only $20!

You're Welcome! See you at the shows! Thanks!


"Music for Television" is now available for your purchasing pleasure on vinyl! Check out the STORE for details!


We're excited to show off our new video for "So It Goes," our first single from our new EP, "Music for Television"! Watch & read all about it in the premiere by USA Today!



Our new EP "Music for Television" out NOW on Dead Letter Records! Get it today HERE!

Check out the premiere of our latest single "L.A." from "Music for Television" in CMT Edge!!